Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Recap | 6 Goals for 2016

For me, the end of the year is a time of reflection. To look back on what I've accomplished and what I could do better. Today's post is a bit of a round-up on how I did on the goals I made at the beginning of the year. [I've linked the original post so give that a quick read first as I won't be re-posting them here.]

Fitness/Health - I was actually doing pretty well with going to the gym consistently until around September. I was following a bodybuilding style routine and really enjoyed it. My pregnancy symptoms have kept me away since which has really sucked. All I'm able to do now if basically walk, which I'm not going to drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill when I can just go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Note to self: cancel gym membership, it's now a waste of money. I still do not drink enough water, but on the days I went to the gym I definitely hit that goal. On my days off, I ate a mostly plant-based diet until the boys got home. I know many 'vegans' may not see this as an excuse but I honestly cannot justify cooking two separate meals; one for me and one for them. I'm still proud of eating much less animal products than I used to.

Friends/Family - I'm still really horrible at keeping in touch, and making time to go visit people. Forgive me :(

Finances - I have increased my savings contributions, but I'm still missing my goals by a long shot. I have yet to set up an RRSP and an RESP for Maxwell.

Education - I actually have not completed my degree by the end of this year like I planned. I literally have one more course to finish, which has a deadline of February 28th. So technically I didn't complete this goal either but I almost did. My graduation date is the same regardless of whether I had finished before December 31, so it doesn't really matter. I also didn't complete my Canadian Securities course yet, which will look great on my resume once I achieve this. I am however, enrolled and working through it. So again, I didn't meet the goal but I'm well on my way.

Career - Yup, still don't have a position in my field of study. A lot had to do with anxiety about leaving my current job, where I know how to do it well, and know everyone there etc. which kept me from even applying to other positions. I have now decided to stay where I am to ensure a maternity leave in the spring. So this goal is now postponed until 2018.

Blog/YouTube - I totally failed at posting twice a week, every week here on my blog which I feel immensely guilty about - especially because I enjoy it so much. I was trying to be an adult and have my 'priorities in order' but ended up sacrificing a lot that made me happy. The same goes for my YouTube channel, I do have a few videos up but I definitely don't post consistently and I should.

I seem to have been more successful in some aspects of my life in terms of goals in 2016, and less in others. I suppose that's pretty common. I definitely have things to continue to strive for in 2017 and will keep pushing forward, but that's a post for another time. How did you do on your goals/resolutions over the past year?

Emily ♥

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