Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MAC Whirl

Lipstick must be one of my biggest makeup weaknesses. I own more than I have space for. I've rediscovered MAC Whirl, which I hauled HERE and HERE. I've owned the lip liner for over a year, and the lipstick is a more recent purchase.

Although this may be considered a bit more of a Fall/Winter shade, I've been loving it recently! The dirty rose shade is a step outside my usual brown-y toned nudes that I wear almost daily. The matte formula is not uncomfortable or drying like some other lipsticks I've tried. Because, in my opinion, this still falls within the nude colour family, this shade goes with every look that I would wear on a daily basis. I've kept the picture of it on my lips unedited so you can see the true colour on me.

I don't find is overly long lasting, which is one drawback to this lipstick. I definitely need to reapply after about 2 hours.

So Whirl has quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks, and if you haven't given it a good look before now, I definitely recommend trying it on next time you're near a MAC.

Trying to bring back some OG blog post styles to respark my love for this blog. Been in a bit of a rut lately with it. Hopefully y'all are okay with me just sharing things I'm loving or whatever I feel like psoting until I get back into the swing of things. Thanks for reading!

Emily ♥

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