Thursday, July 28, 2016

BoxyCharm Unboxing | July 2016

This is the second BoxyCharm to ever ship to Canada! I unboxed the June one over on my YouTube channel HERE if you're interested. I would have filmed this as well, but I received the box super late last month, and then early this month so there was only one video in between. But, I still wanted to share with you what I got, so I'm throwing up a blog post for you :), told ya we were going old school over here on my blog. I couldn't have been more excited when BoxyCharm announced they were expanding into Canada, and I have not been disappointed with the subscription thus far!

This month's theme is 'Modern Merbabe.'

Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Ice Blue - $18 - This frosty, ice blue shade would add a beautiful pop of colour to your waterline. I swatched this on my arm, left it for only a few minutes, and really struggled to remove it with eye makeup remover. I do think this performs well for a waterproof liner, I have yet to try it on my eyes, but I think it will be fun to try at the pool of beach.

PYT Hair Oil Treatment - $30 - This claims to prevent split ends and create shine without an oily residue, apply and style as desired. Though I love hair oils, I am a bit skeptical. Every one that I've tried has made my hair look disgusting, no matter how little I apply. So I only apply them a few hours before I plan on washing my hair. I will give this a go to see if it's greasy or not, but it will definitely be on a day I don't have to leave my house.

Noyah Lip Gloss in Malbec - $16 - A natural lip gloss with a packaging made from earth-friendly bamboo. I've received a Noyah lipstick in an Ipsy bag before and liked it so, I'm excited to give this a try. I do think the shade name is misleading, it's not a deep wine shade, more of a bright fuschia.

[Top: Iron, Smoke, Buttercup; Bottom: Bohemian, Truffle, Millennium Gold]

Ofra Professional Magnetic Palette- $59 - I was pumped to receive this magnetic palette in my box, I've been needing another anyway, and there is also six eyeshadows included! They've provided a mix of cool and warm tones, matte and shimmer shades. I was floored by the pigmentation of Bohemian and Truffle. Iron and Millennium Gold were just alright, and I wasn't impressed by Smoke of Buttercup much at all. It does say these can be used wet or dry, so maybe with some Fix + they will perform better.

There were only four items in the box this month, where there are usually five. However, we received a magnetic palette with six shadows included, worth almost $60, that has to be worth more than one product. I'm happy with everything I received, I cannot wait to play with everything!

The box was worth $123USD, and you pay $21USD for it. That's pretty good value for money if you ask me!

Are you Canadian? Have you subscribed to BoxyCharm yet?

Emily ♥ 

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