Friday, June 24, 2016

Makeup Removing Dream Team

I've tried countless makeup removers in the past. None removed everything they were supposed to. That is, until I started using these two products together. They work so well as a team, to remove every last bit of makeup, including mascara!

I first apply The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter to my dry face. Working it in until is all melted into my skin. I then wet my hands and work it into a lather. I bring this right up into my lashes to begin breaking down the mascara. This does not remove all the mascara on its own, but it does most of the work.

For the second cleanse, immediately after, I love using the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser. This cleanser claims to be a makeup removing cleanser, which until recently I disregarded. I loved using this as my morning cleanse because it's so gentle. Boy, was I missing out. This cleanser removes the remaining mascara, foundation etc. beautifully. You're left with a soft, clean face to apply the rest of your night time skincare routine products.

When wearing a full face of makeup, I'm always sure to do a double cleanse in the evenings. It ensures all that makeup is out of my pores, and left-over mascara is not irritating my eyes while I sleep. The combination of these two makeup removing cleansers takes off every stitch of makeup you applied. Both cleansers are super gentle for my sensitive skin, and you are able to work with both of these around your eyes to remove eye shadow, liner, mascara, etc. without irritation. If you have trouble removing all of your makeup, or just feel like your skin doesn't feel as clean as it should, I recommend you try these two products as a duo.

Have you tried these products together? Any other great makeup removers I should try?
Emily ♥

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review | L'Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

The L'Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation has been floating around the beauty community for months! I bought it as soon as I saw it in Canadian drugstores, and have been loving it ever since. However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind if you're looking into purchasing it.


"It's Your Go-To Foundation, To Go. An innovative microaerated cushion drenched in liquid foundation. Tap a little for a fresh natural glow or tap on more to build a new level of luminous coverage."

Product Overview

Upon first glance you may feel that the packaging is too bulky, however the double closure is the perfect solution that keeps the cushion from drying out. When you open up the first lid, there is a decent sized, clear mirror and a puff for application. Then there is a second lid that snaps shut securely to keep the cushion from drying out from air exposure. Also, I love the rose gold outer lid, it makes it feel more luxurious than a standard drugstore foundation.

 I love the cushion technology, it really is less messy way to apply a liquid foundation. I am concerned about getting the most use out of this product, as I already feel like the top portion of my sponge is drying out, but if I press really hard into it with my sponge I still get a good amount of product for now.

The foundation has light to (maybe) medium coverage. It claims to be buildable, which I only partially agree with. Layering this foundation will not add a ton more coverage, but a second pass over trouble areas will cover things a tad more. Although this is a luminous foundation, it doesn't look greasy on my super oily skin, as long as I set it well with powder. It leaves my skin looking healthy and dewy, and the powder doesn't completely mattify the finish.

The first drawback I want to mention is that, because I have oily skin, though I still love the finish, it doesn't last particularly well. After a long day, I can see where my oils have 'eaten through' the foundation in places like between my eyebrows, and around the edge of my nose.

The shade range is great. The L'Oréal True Match line has a great selection of warm, cool and neutral shades. However, I picked up W2, which is my perfect shade in the regular True Match foundation, but in this formula it is not quite warm enough. It still has a slight pink undertone I feel. KathleenLights felt the same way about her 'warm' shade as well. To counteract this issue, I set it with my L'Oréal True Match powder in W2 which is a great warm toned powder, and it also amps up the coverage a little.

Now, here is the main reason I will most likely not repurchase this foundation when I run out. I bought mine for $20 CAD at Lawtons, which is pretty pricey for a drugstore foundation already. Then I realized there is only 0.51oz of product in this, a standard foundation, drugstore or high-end contains 1oz. Taking that into consideration, this is essentially a $40 drugstore quality foundation. Although I love it, it's definitely not worth $40.

My favourite way to apply this is not with the applicator it comes with, but with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, over top of a pore-filling primer.

I would recommend this product to anyone that was really wanting to try it out. Don't be afraid of the luminous finish if you have oily skin, it will not make you look like a grease ball, especially if you apply the appropriate primer and powder. Please keep in mind the price tag mentioned above though as this is basically priced as a high-end foundation when you consider the amount of actual product you are getting.

I hope this review was helpful, I know it was lengthy but I wanted to share all of my thoughts with you in the most comprehensive way. In all honestly, I could probably keep going, but I'm leaving it at this. If you have any further questions, please leave them below and I'll either reply directly in the comments, or add to this post.

Have a great Father's Day weekend! 
Emily ♥

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