Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review | OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner

These products are sulfate free, not tested on animals, and the packaging is eco-friendly.


'Drench your dehydrated strands in this ultra-light blend of weightless hydrating coconut water, supercharged with nutrient rich electrolytes and combined with coconut oil to transform dry, parched hair into silky shiny perfection.'

My Hair

I believe knowing about my particular hair, will make this review more relevant to you. If your hair is unlike mine, this product may work differently for you.

My hair is quite oily, colour treated through the ends. It is fine, yet there is a lot of it, if that makes sense.


I usually don't get on well with sulfate free shampoos and conditions, but I bought this after Zoe Sugg (Zoella), and a few other bloggers/ vloggers recommended this. If you read my skincare overhaul post, you'd know that my skin is super oily, yet dehydrated, so I thought the same may be true for my scalp. I was also hoping it would help with my dry ends, where it has been bleached, and dyed multiple times.

These products smell amazing! It does smell of coconuts (obviously), but it's not over powering.

The shampoo doesn't really lather up (because it's sulfate free), and didn't leave my hair feeling clean. My hair would be oily again in less than 24 hours.

The conditioner left my hair feeling weighed down, which I was particularly displeased about because the name of the product is 'weightless'. It almost felt as if I hadn't rinsed it out properly, but after using this set five times (just trying to like it), I realized that was not the case.

My hair looked shiny after using this product, but in a greasy way, not a healthy way.

So overall, I'm not impressed, and would not recommend this product if you have hair like mine. They may work if you wash your hair everyday (I do not), or if your scalp is not oily, though I can't really speak to that. Please let me know if you've had a different experience using these products in the comments below.

Emily ♥

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