Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review | COLAB Dry Shampoo

If you saw my most recent drugstore haul post, you'd know I decided to cheat on my beloved Batiste, and try a new dry shampoo. So I picked up the COLAB dry shampoo in Rio, which is in the tropical scent.


"Keep that clean hair feel for longer & instantly revitalise your look with COLAB's ready-to-wear dry shampoo. It absorbs oil & refreshes roots with a residue-free, lightweight finish & leaves a veil of fashion fragrance."
Product Overview

This is going to basically be a comparison to my favourite dry shampoo - Batiste.
I would agree with the claims listed above, with the exception of oil absorption. It does absorb some, but not near as much as Batiste. If your hair is actually feeling/ looking greasy, this product will not be the solution you need.

In my opinion, I feel this product would be great to refresh your hair, but not necessarily to extend the time between shampoos. It adds a small amount of volume, which I like, especially after sleeping on your hair, it just brings the style back to life a bit.

The tropical scent is refreshing, not overpowering, which is how I feel about the Batiste tropical scent, and doesn't linger the whole day.

The formula is much lighter than Batiste, I cannot feel this sitting on my scalp, which is great.

I will continue to use this product to refresh my hairstyle at the end of the day, or after sleeping on it. However, I will be buying Batiste ASAP for the purpose of extending the time between shampoos.

Hope this review was helpful. What is your favourite dry shampoo?

Emily ♥

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