Saturday, June 13, 2015

My First Mac Products | Mac Haul

These are my first ever Mac products. I know, where have I been? It's not even that I don't have any higher-end beauty products, but something about entering a Mac store was too intimidating. 

Even now, I'm cheating a bit because Jeremy bought me these items as a gift. My gruff, country boy mechanic braved the Mac store donning his camo hat and greasy stained jeans. When he returned he said he got some weird looks and giggles, but also a "Wow, you must love her! My boyfriend would never buy me makeup - but he is now!" I have the best man!

Enough blabbering - onto the products:

These are all products that have been at the top of my list of items to try from Mac, there are a few other things I'd like to pick up eventually. Some lipsticks of course, Fix+, and the prolongwear concealer to name a few.

Lip Pencil in Whirl -  Described as a 'dirty rose' shade. I love these types of colours, and wear them frequently. It made since to pick shades I would wear the most, especially when trying out a brand for the first time.

Powder Blush in Melba - A matte coral, peachy blush. Standard. I have too many of these in my collection, but as I said, better to pick shades I know well. It'll help me make a firm decision on whether I like the product itself. 

Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly - a nude beige base. It matches my skin tone pretty well, though I'm a bit more yellow, if that makes sense, so I will probably pick up Soft Oaker as well. This is great as an eye shadow base, and will prevent my shadow from creasing throughout the day. 

What are your favourite Mac products?

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