Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List


This past week I've been getting excited for fun summer times ahead. I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of the (realistic) things I'm hoping to do during the summer months. 

Here's my current 12 ideas in no particular order:

Upper Clements Park. This is the only good amusement park in the province in my opinion (that I know of). Now that Max is old enough to truly enjoy a trip down to an amusement park, I thought this would be a great day trip for us to make.

Camping at Kejimkujik National Park. Max loves the outdoors so we'd love to make a few more camping trips again this year. It is hard to make the time sometimes, but it's a great family event.

Kayaking. Being out on the water on a hot day is great. It's also quite an arm workout going upstream as well ;)

Beach trips. Last year we didn't make it out to the beach very often, but this year I want to make more of an effort to go. Max and I like to comb the shore for shells and sand dollars, jumping waves, and building sand castles. Being close to the ocean is one of the reasons I love living in Halifax.

Working out. I've always been a relatively active person. However, this summer I want to make more of an effort to fit in 3 workouts a week. I may even try running?! Anyone who knows me well, knows I despise most cardio activities, but I do recognize the value in them, so I may give running a go.

Road trip to New Brunswick. I have family in NB and always find excuses as to why we can't visit. No time, too far, etc. This summer I want to put in the effort to make the drive and spend a weekend exploring the province a bit with loved ones.

Lunchtime waterfront walks. At my new job, I can see the waterfront from my office. I'd love to spend my lunch hour going to a walk along the waterfront, looking at the cute shops that line the area.

Biking at Point Pleasant park. Max got his big boy bike in the fall so he'd love to ride it more this year. Point Pleasant park has lots of trails for him to get the hang of his tippy training wheels.

Fishing. In Jeremy's family, being able to fish almost seems like a right of passage. Max has already been practicing his casting in the yard when we visit. This year he'll be ready to give fishing a go for real. I just hope he'll have enough patience to wait for a fish to bite.

Go blonder. I'm going to bite the bullet and get my hair to the medium ash blonde I've wanted for months.

Evening walks to the park. We have a great park about half a kilometer down the road that Max loves. With sunny evenings throughout the summer, it's nice to have a walk down after supper. It also tires him out before bedtime.

Read a book a month. Being a university student, I don't get the chance to read anything but textbooks throughout the school year. I want to finish at least one book a month during summer break.

There is quite an outdoors theme here. The summer is the perfect time of year to spend the extra time in nature. Jeremy and I are really trying to instill our love of the outdoors in our son, as he's growing up in the city, unlike we did. We believe it's important to spend time in the fresh air outside of the city limits throughout the year.

What are your plans for this summer?

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