Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Week of Favourites

So, I thought every once in a while I'd throw together a few items that I've been loving for the past week and share it with you guys. So, let me know if you want me to continue to do this.

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex - I have a sample size of this mascara that I've been using all week. It provides the perfect amount of volume in my opinion. And I love the bristle wand, as opposed to a plastic one. I will definitely buy the full size when this is done. 

Lip Combo: Essence lip liner in 11 In The Nude, Cargo lip gloss in Anguilla - I line and fill in my lips completely with the liner, then apply the gloss on top. It is a great pink-y nude lip for everyday. The gloss isn't too sticky and provides the perfect amount of pink. The colour lasts a long time, mostly due to the liner.

Yoga Pants:  Always leggings - I love the crazy print on these leggings! Much to Jeremy's dismay I will even wear these out in public with a neutral top and my black Hunter boots. They fit me well, hold everything in doing the downward dog (they're quite high-rise), and are super soft on the skin. I got mine as a gift for my birthday, but I believe they were bought at a 'leggings party' I think the brand is sold Scentsy style, but I could be wrong.

Snack: Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos - these are to die for if you like spicy snacks. I can't get enough!

YouTuber: Kathleen Lights - She is so lovable! I feel that we could be best friends in real life, is that silly? We have the same sense on humour, and I crack up every time she says "Das esspensive" because I feel the same! She does the most beautiful tutorials, and has just released a foursome with ColourPop which I've purchased along with some other products which I will post about when they arrive. Go check out her channel if you haven't already.

What have you been loving this week?


  1. Nice favourites! Essence does some really great products, love their lipliners and eye pencils. I've been loving the spring weather we've had here!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. I'll have to try the eye pencils, but I have a few lip liners and they're great for the price! I've been loving the warmer days as well, but will be much happier when there is no snow on the ground!

  2. Amazing post !!

    So In love with your blog It's amazing !!

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    Have a nice day


    1. Thank you! I will definitely check out yours as well.

  3. better than sex is my absolute favorite!

    danielle | avec danielle



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