Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naturebox Unboxing

Yesterday I received my first real Naturebox. I have recieved the trial/sample bix before this one.

I'm always on the hunt for healthier snack options for both myself and Max.

This box is $20 plus $7 shipping to Canada plus tax. You get 5 bags of different snacks. You are able to choose which snacks you want to receive, or you can opt for a surprise box each month. I chose to have a surprise.

They offer over a 100 varieties so there is something for everyone.

This is what I received this month:

French Toast Granola - maple-flavored granola with pecans. I am usually not the biggest fan of pecans. I'm going to try this as a breakfast item, maybe with a bit of milk or on top of yogurt. Max and I both like granola in the mornings.

Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars. These bars are quite large, there are five of them in the package. I'm hoping these will be filling, so I don't feel the urge to snack all day.

Cashew Power Clusters - nut squares with cashews. Through the packages, these look very similar to rice crispy squares, though they feel quite hard.

Sticks 'n Stones - roasted nuts with sesame sticks. Looks like a basic trail mix type snack. Great for on the go.

Dark Cocoa Nom Noms - mini cocoa oat cookies. These look absolutely delightful! Max had one for dessert last night (it's the open package in the photo), and kept asking for more. I'm always craving something sweet, this will be a great healthier option.

Overall I am quite happy with my box. There are a lot of nutty options, which I'd prefer less of but what can I say, they're good for you!

If you're interested, you can order your own box at 

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